The following meditations are freely available for you to try.

The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction meditations:

The Body Scan (Mel Wraight): 22 minutes

3 step breathing space (Mel Wraight): 4 minutes

Mindful Standing Yoga (Mel Wraight): 15 minutes

Mindful Lying down yoga (Mel Wraight): 17 minutes

Lying down yoga (with Renee Burgard): 47 minutes

Mindfulness of the breath (Mel Wraight): 16 minutes

Mindfulness of breath, body, sounds and thought (Mel Wraight): 20 minutes

Soften, Soothe, Allow (with Kristen Neff): 15 minutes

Loving kindness meditation for beginners (with Chris Germer): 20 minutes

The mountain meditation (with Jon Kabat Zinn): 20 minutes

The Mindful Eating meditations:

7 Hungers meditation (Mel Wraight): 9 minutes

Body scan with gratitude (Mel Wraight): 13 minutes

Loving kindness for the body (Mel Wraight): 11 minutes

Mindfulness of cravings (Mel Wraight): 13 minutes

What is anxiety?

The fight or flight response:

Fight, Flight or Freeze

Coping with anxiety:

Relaxation breathing technique

Progressive muscle relaxation

Other meditations:

Awareness of thoughts (Mel Wraight): 13 minutes

Mindful tension release (Mel Wraight): 12 minutes

Breathe in , breathe out, stay here (Mel Wraight): 10 minutes