Rekindle your practice

Get away from it all

Deepen your understanding of mindfulness

A one day retreat will give you an opportunity to experience the major practices of mindfulness in a supportive group atmosphere. With periods of silence this day can help you connect with yourself and a meditation practice in a way that feels profoundly nourishing and supportive.

It is suitable for most including beginners who have done a little reading or begun to investigate mindfulness in some way, up to experienced mindfulness practitioners. If in doubt please contact me for a friendly chat.

You will be asked to complete a short questionnaire about your physical and mental health before joining the day.

COST: £65 includes delicious lunch and all refreshments



at Arkwright Meadows Community Gardens, Nottingham

The days will include some or all of the following depending on the focus of the day:

  • Sitting meditations
  • lying down meditations
  • mindful eating
  • mindful walking/drawing
  • mindful movement
  • learning two mindful superpowers!

Booking and payment for 8 week course is required in advance.

Friday drop-in class can be paid for at the time.

You can also learn mindfulness one to one with me.